Being loved in the small ways

Today we awoke to valentine's day cards times three. They were 'secretly' crafted between swimming and bed time and stashed beside our beds for early morning surprise. We ourselves delivered personalized poems on a cut out white paper heart. The poems said things like 'Roses are red, ice cream is yummy, we love you so much, from your daddy and mummy.'

There was much delight.

Because love is homemade valentines with personalized poems. Love is a gift that is simple (and free) but shows the giver knows your heart.

It is grace extended.

It is being known.

It is choosing patience and gentleness and asking for forgiveness when we don't. It is being forgiven even when we don't think to ask.

It is being inspired to grow and work and really live.

Love is children who make us laugh, live so freely and believe in good so wholeheartedly.

It is partners who make time to give you a nap, go for a run, embrace your soul.

It is parents who pray for you and hold your hand and let you go. It's family who works to stay close though the miles could divide.

It's friends who care about you like you are their own and it's friends who help you come into your own.

It is sharing food and listening well and making space.

Love is patient and love is kind. Love shows up in the small ways.