Hello there ~ I'm Leah


Welcome to this space where I try and notice both the beautiful and the struggles in the hopes of making a place where we can sigh deeply and say ‘me too.'


The first photo is a fancy one the family photographer we use took for me, but the second is much more likely what I will look like if you met up with my while I was living my ordinary, everyday life. Messy hair, likely hat or ponytail, wrinkles by my eyes and sun spots.


Here are a few more things about me: I grow flowers, and some veggies more to cut down on the grocery bill than out of passion. I bake bread and homeschool my kiddos. My twitter bio used to read as: Living life with joyful passion. Trying to follow Jesus. Wife. Mama to three kiddos. Writer, lifelong learner, IBCLC, volunteer, traveler, gardener, creator. As of 2017 it now also reads cancer survivor. Having cancer changed everything.

On instagram I post lots of shots of my kids, the sky and any body of water I can get close to. I feel God the most by the sea or under the sky, and I learn so much from the ordinary disciplines of showing up for daily life, so I’m afraid I can’t stray too much from those teachers.


I've been married for 20 years and that too has changed everything. When I think about twenty years and my 19 year old self saying 'I do' I can hardly believe it myself. We certainly couldn't even have imagined what the future would hold - the heart wrecking losses, but also the absolute deep, soul altering gifts we have experienced together including showing up for each other over and over again. My husband is supportive, fun and truthful and I totally scored when we got married. While we have a lot in common, we also have about 1001 differences, including different passions and beliefs and frankly, we like it that way.


We have three kiddos Liam (13), Raine (10) and Haven-Kate (who I always referred to as the baby but we have no babies anymore and is eight!) Being a mother is amazing, I love it all, even though some days I feel overwhelmed and cannot begin to get to all the things I would ideally like to get to.

We are lifelong learners, which is my preferred way of referring to our version of homeschooling. We all love to learn and our main goals for homeschooling are family connection and having kids who know how to discover and pursue their own unique passions and goals.

I am an IBCLC (registered lactation consultant) and love to support women and families on their breastfeeding journey (whatever that looks like for them), as I believe it not only makes a huge difference in the short and longterm physical/mental/emotional health of babies and their mothers, but also can impact one's overall parenting journey in such a beautiful way.

I believe in God and try hard to remember that God is love. With all the day-to-day tragic things that happen in the world, I sometimes have heated words for s/he. If having cancer brought me one core belief I cannot explain but feel with every cell of my being it is this: no matter my circumstance I believe God is good and works all things to good. This belief was something I could only come too through facing my own possible premature mortality.

Many people I know and love have been hurt by organized religion, not to mention that sometimes the church really messes up what God is trying to do here, so it is not without some hesitation that I share about trying to follow Jesus. Also because, calling myself a Christian or follower of Jesus, I worry about how crappy I make Jesus look just by saying that due all to my own shortcomings! But I have freedom at this point in my life to love my own (while not perfect, certainly trying to follow Jesus) church community passionately AND have understanding why people have different beliefs. Most of the time I experience that we can love and respect each other, differing beliefs aside. Luckily I grew up Lutheran, so I have never felt a need to convert anyone anyway (ahem!)

Someone wise once told me the only thing we can share with authority is our own story. I believe sharing stories is beautiful and life changing.