We finally got wise

We finally got wise, all the parents (and grandparents) in my house. All the five kiddos are sleeping or having quiet time in bed right now. We have had family visiting since Christmas Eve and everyone needed a break. So I stole away to my quiet corner, and am writing some words here to say we did have a very ordinary Christmas. There was a house full, messes everywhere, kids fighting. We played games, pushed boundaries, made meals, offered and accepted forgiveness. We went skiing, swimming and sledding. There was little relaxation, but much worship, laughter and love.

Tomorrow all my family will leave. We won't be refreshed or rejuvenated (in fact we are all quite tired and worn out). But I am thankful. For people who you want to be healthy and whole and in relationship with even when it isn't always easy or convenient. For reconnection with family who lives too far away. For a Christmas that isn't filled only with peace and feasting, but instead pushed me, grew me, yes, even inconvenienced me. Maybe just how Christmas should be.