I stand with the icy water

I stand with the icy water running over my feet until they are numb

Holding my last baby, I watch the waves that never end and feel the wind tangle my hair

(this is) peace

Fairy villages are designed and the walls are adorned with seashells and carpets of seaweed cover the floor

We pretend to be dolphins (when I was four I pretended to be a mermaid),

I am the mama and she is the baby

Soccer balls are kicked through barnacle nets and toes are stubbed on polished stones

(this is) joy

I kiss my love and hold his hand and talk of today and tomorrow and the day after that

While we watch the day release into the promise of night turning the water all smoky grey

(this is) love

I dive beneath the waves, intoxicated by glory

Surrounded by a promise

(this is) faith

It is easy to believe here


All is well